Snarky Boomer’s First Days In a New Direction

The new career as a caregiver. I hope that these blog posts will encourage any boomer who is struggling to find a road map.  If you read some of my first blog posts, you will see that I was pretty down.  I have decided with some found energy to reinvent my final act for a living.  After assessment of all the particulars, I settled on caregiving. Was hired by a local facility and started training.  The day of training I was asked to sit for a client the following Monday, it was to be a 12 hour shift.  I accepted the duty and enjoyed it very much. I now have my Red Cross CPR/First Aide/AED certificate. I have sitting on my desk 4 CD’s I ordered “Savvy Care Giver”.  The information pertains to caring for clients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.  The facility of my employment offers further training. Now, granted, I am not making a ton of money, but I have an objective here and anytime you start on anything new, you start at the bottom.  I have my new fitness membership as of January 17th an…

BANG! Start Off 2012

New year, new beginning. Off with the old and on with the new. In previous post, I told of how after much deliberation I had decided to go in a career change direction, becoming a professional caregiver. So, I applied and have been accepted with a very nice local assisted living facility as sitter/caregiver. I start my new career with training. The 13th will be in house training. On the 18th I will have a full day of CPR, First Aid and AED training. Then the 25th will be another day of training. I have signed up for some on line classes in caregiver to persons with dementia/ Alzheimer. So I am off to the races. Now, I know most all of us commit to get on diets for the new year, but this time I am going a step further and I signed up for a 21 day 21 pound detox program. During this course or shortly after I will sign up for a gym membership. I need to strength train and I know I will not do that at home on my own. Plus, I like the big machines for strength traini…

The Finer Things In Life Are The Simple Things In Life

The Finer Things In Life Are The Simple Things In Life

1. Sharing fun times with friends and loved ones.
2. Being in the forest with no sound other than the birds.
3. A cool breeze on a hot day.
4. Music that speaks to your soul.
5. A warm blanket, thick socks and a cup of cocoa on a cold night.
6. A friend calling to just check in and ask how you are doing.
7. A Hug from a little child or dear friend.
8.  Puppy kisses, wiggles, and waggs.
9. Looking out over the ocean waters with wonderment.
10. Looking to the heavens with wonderment.
11. Getting caught in a spring rain.
12. Getting out of bed because you can.

When You Need to Change, Where Do You Start?

10 Surprising Clues You'll Live to 100

10 Surprising Clues You'll Live to 100
Posted in Yahoo Health is a quick article about clues to how long you may live. As usual genetics are a major factor. Information that may help with your long term financial planning. Because if you are healthy you may want to plan on working longer or adjust your work hours to less than 40 a week, but stay in the game as long as health will allow.

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