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I am Somebody from Nowhere

I notice that we look at information or a person, picture and process the information rather quickly with preconceived prejudices at a completely subconscious level. This is a primitive hard wire set up in the brain, that would allow us to move quickly either toward or away from an entity or thing. Unfortunately, when applied in our modern world set up it causes us to miss out on some very meaningful experiences. As an example of this: If I post my business address as XXX Maple St.; Small Town; MS-- how serious will I be taken? Rather if I set up my business address as XXX Park Pl; New York, N.Y. XXXXX..... Admittedly, you look at the N.Y. address as being more substantial and having more veracity than the small town address.
We do the same with people, as was done with Jesus, "can anything good come from Nazareth?" It was too small, too insignificant to foster anything of worth.
All the above to get you and myself to question our knee jerk reaction to…

Baby Boomer madness, That was yesterday and yesterday is gone!