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Snarky Boomer’s First Days In a New Direction

The new career as a caregiver. I hope that these blog posts will encourage any boomer who is struggling to find a road map.  If you read some of my first blog posts, you will see that I was pretty down.  I have decided with some found energy to reinvent my final act for a living.  After assessment of all the particulars, I settled on caregiving. Was hired by a local facility and started training.  The day of training I was asked to sit for a client the following Monday, it was to be a 12 hour shift.  I accepted the duty and enjoyed it very much. I now have my Red Cross CPR/First Aide/AED certificate. I have sitting on my desk 4 CD’s I ordered “Savvy Care Giver”.  The information pertains to caring for clients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.  The facility of my employment offers further training. Now, granted, I am not making a ton of money, but I have an objective here and anytime you start on anything new, you start at the bottom.  I have my new fitness membership as of January 17th an…

BANG! Start Off 2012

New year, new beginning. Off with the old and on with the new. In previous post, I told of how after much deliberation I had decided to go in a career change direction, becoming a professional caregiver. So, I applied and have been accepted with a very nice local assisted living facility as sitter/caregiver. I start my new career with training. The 13th will be in house training. On the 18th I will have a full day of CPR, First Aid and AED training. Then the 25th will be another day of training. I have signed up for some on line classes in caregiver to persons with dementia/ Alzheimer. So I am off to the races. Now, I know most all of us commit to get on diets for the new year, but this time I am going a step further and I signed up for a 21 day 21 pound detox program. During this course or shortly after I will sign up for a gym membership. I need to strength train and I know I will not do that at home on my own. Plus, I like the big machines for strength traini…